Ductless Mini Split System Installation Penn Hills PA

Are you tired of dealing with hot and stuffy rooms in your home? Are you looking for a cost-effective and efficient cooling solution? Look no further than ductless mini-split systems. These units are perfect for single rooms as well as entire homes. Supreme Heating and Cooling can help you choose and install a ductless mini split system in your Penn Hills, PA, home. A single mini-split system can cool multiple rooms or spaces at once and provide zoned control of the temperature in each area. Let us help you find the perfect system that fits your needs and budget.

Choosing us means receiving high-quality service at a competitive price. Our skilled and experienced team excels at installing ductless mini splits in Penn Hills, PA, and is committed to providing the best customer service.

We assist with AC repair and other services to ensure you stay cool during the hot summer months!

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Reasons to Consider Our Ductless Mini Split Installation

A mini-split is an excellent choice for everyone looking for an energy-efficient AC system that offers enhanced convenience and comfort. Mini split air conditioner systems offer several benefits over traditional systems. Here are some key reasons to install a mini split AC:

Energy Efficiency

Such units are more energy-efficient than centralized AC systems because they don't require ductwork, which can result in energy loss and air leaks.

Customized temperature control

With these systems, you can control the temperature in each room or zone and maintain a comfortable temperature in various parts of your home.

Seamless installation

These mini split systems are easy to install as ductwork is unnecessary.


They are versatile and can be installed anywhere. Moreover, they can also be customized to fit your cooling needs.

Factors Influencing Mini Split Installation Cost in Penn Hills, PA

When it comes to installing a mini-split system in your home, understanding the factors that influence the cost is crucial. We know that budget considerations play a significant role in your decision-making process. That’s why we’re here to shed light on the key factors that can affect the mini-split cost in Penn Hills, PA:

However, we offer competitive rates for all our services, and our team of experts is dedicated to finding a solution that fits your budget.

Allow us to assist you in selecting the right air conditioner and determining the best AC installation solution for your home!

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Professional Installation of Ductless Mini Splits in Penn Hills, PA

Although ductless mini splits are relatively easy to install, we always recommend that an experienced HVAC professional install your unit. At Supreme Heating and Cooling, we can provide an expert installation for your ductless mini-split system to ensure it is installed correctly and operates at peak efficiency levels. Here are the key reasons why you should choose us for your ductless mini-split installation:

Ductless Mini Split Service FAQs

It depends on the size and layout of your home. Mini split ACs provide efficient cooling by directing cool air exactly where needed. However, central air conditioning may be ideal for homes with large open spaces or multiple stories.

Installing mini split HVAC systems is an intricate job that requires technical skills and experience to handle refrigerant and electrical wiring. Leave it to professionals as they provide proper services, ensuring maximized energy efficiency. It’s not a DIY job.

Cleaning your ductless mini split is essential for efficient operation. To clean the indoor blowers, use a vacuum cleaner or soft-bristle brush on the coil fins to get rid of dust and debris. Check the drain pan for dirt buildup or blockage. Timely maintenance of the filters is also necessary to ensure dust, dirt, and other particles are not accumulating within the system.

Interested in installing a ductless mini split system in Penn Hills, PA? Contact Supreme Heating & Cooling today at 412-245-8964!

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